Support for discontinued RDS encoder models


PIRA32 revision 2012

2012 - 2017
Non-stock item. Alternative product available: The P232 RDS Encoder

Product page - Boxed version
Product page - Module
Schematic diagram
Latest firmware download

Remote control via TCP/IP
Software development
LCD description and schematic diagram
PCB production data
PIRA32 vs. P232 Device Differences

MicroRDS Encoder

2010 - 2016
Non-stock item.
Complete production data is available for direct order from your PCB EMS supplier.

Alternative products available:

Product page - Sample design support
Control software
Software development
Broadcast automation system linkage
PCB Layout
Schematic diagram
Part list

PIRA32 revision 2006

2006 - 2012
Discontinued product. Alternative product available: The P232 RDS Encoder

Serial cable connection
PIRA32 Device Differences (rev. 2006/rev. 2012)
Increasing max. output RDS level

Schematic diagram
For more details see the above (PIRA32 revision 2012).


MiniRDS Encoder

3ssm.jpg (8226 bytes)2005 - 2011
Discontinued product.

Product page
Schematic diagram

PCB layout
Part list

Control software
Development section


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