Would you like to control the MRDS1322 based RDS encoder from your own application? This section shows you an example how to do it in Delphi. All sources and compiled exe file are included. In other programming languages the implementation is very similar. The DLL is provided for anybody who wants a ready to use solution.
Ready to use DLL incl. example (530 kB)

Note: This is a development example only. If you look for full-featured control application for the MicroRDS, you can download it here.

The MRDSIO.DLL is a dynamic-link library that enables easy access to the MRDS1322 based RDS encoder from PC and user application. The user does not need to solve the information above, like how to access the communication ports or how to implement the communication protocol. Simply call the DLL functions from your application. An example and full documentation is included in the DLL zip file.

Example description

The example shows how to send and receive program service name (PS) to/from the MicroRDS unit using the mrdsio.dll file.

mrdsioex.gif (8208 bytes)

How to start?

  • Download the file
  • Run the example.exe file
  • Configure the connection and click on Connect button
  • After clicking on Send button the string from edit box is sent to the RDS encoder and new PS is showed immediately
  • After clicking on Receive button the string is read from the internal MRDS1322 memory and showed in the edit box

Writing own control

  • Download the MRDS1322 datasheet that includes commented memory map of the device - in other words what RDS service is placed on each address
  • Read the mrdsio.pdf DLL specification
  • Now you can edit the example files or write a new application in order to control the RDS encoder


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