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Magic RDS 4 - Windows RDS Control for Radio Stations

The Magic RDS 4 is a new generation control software which adds value to your existing radio broadcast. It supports all RDS encoders from our production, all 3rd party encoders based on our chipsets, all UECP encoders and several others. It is written for Windows operating system and its use is free of charge for most encoders. A paid version with enhanced features and general purpose usability is available for other encoders and for internet radio stations.

With this application you can:

  • manage and feed entire RDS broadcast network from single place,
  • set-up RDS encoders, incl. connection parameters and default RDS content,
  • process, send and publish text information from several sources, like broadcast automation or internet,
  • perform various tasks, record mp3 audio and automatically create podcasts, based on scheduled time events and keywords in the text.
Download Download
MagicRDS_Setup.exe (version 4.1.12, 13 MB) 


  • Complete solution for your radio station: RDS configuration and scheduling, external text sources, advanced "now playing" features, text processing and publishing, task scheduler, encoder backup/clone, mp3 audio recorder and much more
  • Single-click RT+ support for all RDS encoders
  • "Cloud" features for RDS encoders: SNMP, virtual ports, web control and more *)
  • Built-in RDS Spy decoder for remote RDS output monitoring in real time *)
  • Built-in full-featured software RDS encoder for demo and development purposes
  • External text source can control any RDS service (for example TA and PTY) or any device with serial ASCII protocol
  • Supports serial/USB, TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, GET, FTP, XML, JSON, JavaScript, RSS, RegEx and UTF-8
  • Up to 128 independent connections to the devices
  • Fast bulk configuration of the devices via simple script

*) Note: Function may not be available to some RDS encoders. See the encoder's manual for details.

Supported RDS Encoders

  • FREE: All Pira.cz main product line (P132, P164, P232, P232U, P332, PIRA32)
  • FREE: READBEST RDS Encoder ASCII control
  • MicroRDS/TinyRDS/MRDS1322 (requires paid license after trial period)
  • Generic UECP (requires paid license after trial period)
  • Lite ASCII (requires paid license after trial period)

Learn more...

Supported Devices, Bridges and Virtual Ports, External Text Sources, Put Artist and Title on the Web and to Shoutcast,
Event-Driven MP3 Audio Recorder, Web-based Control Application


  1. Download and run the MagicRDS_Setup.exe.
  2. Choose a new folder for the installation.
  3. Follow the instructions from the RDS encoder's manual.

Update from Older 4.x.x Version

  1. Close your current version.
  2. Download and run the MagicRDS_Setup.exe.
  3. Select the folder where the previous version is placed. Your settings will remain.

Note for Magic RDS 3 users: An installation to a clean folder is required. Direct update from Magic RDS 3 to Magic RDS 4 is not possible.

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