MicroRDS Encoder

Note: This is a sample design for the MRDS1322 integrated circuit. Complete production data is available for this design.

The MicroRDS Encoder is a professional full-featured FM broadcast RDS encoder module that supports basic RDS services at unmatched acquisition costs. It provides all common RDS services: Program service name, dynamic PS, Radiotext, Program Type identification, Traffic Program, Traffic Announcement and Music/Speech flags, Alternative Frequencies list and some more. This unit is ideal for embedding into existing FM transmitter as well as for development and hobby purposes.
Direct digital synthesis of the RDS signal, equipped with pilot input for optional synchronization.

  • Simple RDS encoder with basic set of features
  • Very small dimensions and power consumption
  • Easy to use
  • Operates stand-alone
  • Unlimited reprogramming
  • Selectable control interface (RS-232 or I2C bus) supports various connection methods for configuration
  • EEPROM memory for data storage during power-off
  • Broadcast quality output signal
  • Continuous RDS transmission during all operations
  • Includes text features like dynamic PS, parsing and scrolling
  • Supports both stereo and mono transmission
Specifications, documentation, production data download

RDS services directly supported:

PS (Program Service), PI (Program Identification), PTY (Program Type), TP (Traffic Program), TA (Traffic Announcement), DI (Decoder Identification), M/S (Music/speech), AF (Alternative Frequencies), RT (Radiotext), raw User Defined Groups.


Technical specifications:

Board size: 44 x 35 mm
Operating voltage: 1.8 to 5.5 V
Supply current: 8.0 mA typical
Output RDS level: adjustable 0 to 1.2 V pp @ 5.0 V
Pilot sync. input: Yes
TA input: Yes
Communication modes:  RS-232 19200 Bd, RS-232 19200 Bd inverted, RS-232 2400 Bd, I2C 400 kHz max.

Production data:

The production data is available at no costs and without any limitations. This applies also to commercial use.

m1322.jpg (3479 bytes)


Basic electronics skills are required for proper installation of this device!
If you prefer complete plug-and-go solution rather, look at the P232.
You can order the MRDS1322 part here in the section 'RDS Encoders - Parts'.

This basic control software supports all Windows versions.

Download:   TinyRDS_Setup.exe (1 MB)
TinyRDS_Setup_OEM.exe (1 MB, OEM version - no brand name)


After install and first opening select appropriate connection parameters on Hardware card. The software can send current song artist and title information if your broadcast automation system provides on-air text file.

The Magic RDS 4 brings following benefits to the MRDS1322-based RDS encoders:

Common or independent control of up to 128 encoders, direct support of connection over Ethernet,
Radiotext Plus (RT+) and real-time (CT) transmission,
External text sources with powerful text processing tools,
Task scheduler, Text conditions, SNMP, ASCII terminal emulator, encoder backup/restore,
connection bridges with virtual ports and communication protocol translation (for example from UECP).

Buy the Magic RDS 4 license here.

Basic connection

urdsconb.gif (6647 bytes)

In this configuration the RDS encoder can be controlled by the TinyRDS or Magic RDS 4 Windows application. The basic connection is extremely simple since the MicroRDS incorporates all hardware necessary. You only require a 5V power supply and standard DSUB connector. The RDS signal output that can be fed directly to RDS, MPX or SCA modulation input of your FM exciter.

Download the MicroRDS User Guide for more details and other methods of connection.

MicroRDS on YouTube
Dynamic/scrolling PS demonstration:
Pilot sync. demonstration:
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