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Magic RDS 4 - Buy Full License (Single PC)

$39.00 USD

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Update to Full license in a few quick steps

  1. Enter your email and invoicing address above and click on appropriate payment button to finish the order.
  2. An email message will be sent to you within a few minutes. Follow the link in this email and generate your License key online.
  3. In the Magic RDS 4, select Help - License Manager. Fill your License key and click on Apply button.
  4. If you haven't received any email message within a hour, please contact us at (Hidden by anti-SPAM).

Note for existing users: If you already have your User ID, go directly here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Basic, Activated and Full version?

Please click on this link to get the list of differences: licenses.pdf

What is the Full license time duration?

The license is life-time and includes all future updates.

Why is the Full license charged?

The Magic RDS 4 is free of charge if it is used to control these PIRA brand RDS encoders: PIRA32, P132, P164, P232, P232U, P332.

The Magic RDS 4 itself (without all additional modules) currently consists of nearly 30,000 lines of source code and new features are continuously implemented for various devices, applications and purposes. The Magic RDS 4 increases value of other brand products, including products of our competitors. We wish to offer the Magic RDS 4 as a comprehensive and professional solution. We cannot provide updates and support for devices of different manufacturers without covering related costs.

Is there another way to pay?

The full licence can be purchased only online, using this site. Currently it is possible to pay from your PayPal account or (if you don't have a PayPal account) using your credit/debit card. Other payment methods are not available for buying the license. We will extend the payment options in future.

I'm running multiple instances of the Magic RDS 4 on my PC.
Is this still covered by a single license?

Yes, the license is tied to the system, regardless of how many instances of the application you're running.

For a single license, you're not allowed to operate the application on different PC machines (physical or virtual) at the same time.

I moved all my broadcast software to a new PC. Do I need to buy a new license?

No, you don't need to buy another. The license is life-time. Using your existing User ID, which you received by email upon purchase, you can simply generate new License key online for your new installation.

I need an invoice for this order. Is that possible?

Purchasers which are registered to EU VAT will receive the invoice automatically within a week after the purchase. In any case we will send the invoice upon request.

I changed my mind about the purchase. Can you cancel the order and refund?

Since you gained access to the Full license instantly after making the payment, we cannot cancel your order. If you found a bug in the application or if some feature is missing, please contact us, this can be probably fixed in a short time.

We strongly recommend to download and evaluate the Magic RDS 4 before buying the full version. We will be happy to answer any questions in the Technical Forum.

What benefits brings the Magic RDS 4 to MicroRDS / TinyRDS / MRDS1322 encoders?

These encoders are embedded in various FM equipment as a basic RDS encoder solution. So far, they have been used with basic Tiny RDS application. The Magic RDS 4 now gives access to most of advanced RDS features also to users of the MicroRDS / TinyRDS / MRDS1322 encoders:

  • Common or independent control of up to 128 encoders
  • Direct support of connection over Ethernet
  • Radiotext Plus (RT+) and real-time (CT) transmission
  • External text sources with powerful text processing tools
  • Task scheduler, Text conditions, SNMP, ASCII terminal emulator, encoder backup/restore
  • Connection bridges with virtual ports and communication protocol translation
    (for example from UECP)

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