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The procedure is the same like when you established your first connection to the encoder. The only difference is that now you're connecting to the first PC's IP address rather than the encoder's IP address.

This all applies if the devices and the PCs are in the same local network. If some PC belongs to different network, it is preferable to engage an IT expert, as this situation cannot be covered by a simple step-by-step manual.

Hi Jan.

I am not a computer expert and I am not able to access the P164 from another computer. Is there a way to do it step by step in the manual or can you explain it in detail here, please?

Thank you
P132, P164, P232(U) and P332 RDS Encoders / Re: letters and accentuation
« Last post by Jan on October 12, 2021, 08:02:28 pm »
The set of supported characters is final and it's given by RDS standards. You can find it in the pdf technical manual, section '10.1 Character Set and Code-Table Conversions'.

The RDS encoder fully supports this character set. In receivers, the support is variable, depending on the model.

Magic RDS 4 users may select how the extended set is being sent, either as it is (recommended for most receivers) or converted to basic set (compatible with old receivers). See Options - Local Settings - Unicode conversion.

P132, P164, P232(U) and P332 RDS Encoders / letters and accentuation
« Last post by miguelvalentim on October 12, 2021, 07:48:24 pm »
How to make the P164 transmit letters and accentuation of Portuguese grammar like for example:
ç - á - à - ão - vê

Thank you
P132, P164, P232(U) and P332 RDS Encoders / Re: P164 stops reading RT information
« Last post by Jan on October 12, 2021, 07:07:28 pm »
There's no RDS encoder on the market which is able to access your Windows file system and read some text. This would not be good at all due to security.

The encoder does not read anything from your PC. It is the Magic RDS 4 or any other application which is sending data to the encoder. The encoder provides 'default text' option for the case that no text data is received during a specified time.

You may drive the encoder directly from your broadcast automation system, of course. But this usually results in less options and features available.
P132, P164, P232(U) and P332 RDS Encoders / P164 stops reading RT information
« Last post by miguelvalentim on October 12, 2021, 06:49:20 pm »
Hi there.

My P164 stops reading RT information (and do not send it to the radios) if the Magic rds 4 is closed. The pc with music and RT information is running normally.
How can the P164 can work well without the need of Magic rds4 

Thank you
Silence Detector / Silence Detector for Icecast Stream
« Last post by Rick Broome on October 12, 2021, 07:32:29 am »
Is there a way to use the Silence Detector to monitor an IceCast Stream?
The virtual port is general purpose feature, which is attached directly to the RDS encoder, like a physical port. It is not an equivalent of remote desktop for the Windows application.

To synchronize the configuration, click on the Read button. Or use the Terminal.
Hi Jan.

Thank you for your help.
I tried to do it but when I acess P164 from the new pc, the settings are the default ones and not my personalized P164 settings. Maybe I've done something wrong.
Can you help?

Thank you
Create a virtual port in the permanently running Magic RDS 4.

In the existing connection, click on the virtual ports button and create a new one. Connect to this port from another PC. The port belongs to the original PC, but will behave like the encoder's port.

You may create as many virtual ports as you like.
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