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Configuration Options and Possibilities / Re: Bridge / VP issue
« Last post by jcmarsalis on August 18, 2022, 10:56:46 pm »
Configuration Options and Possibilities / Re: Bridge / VP issue
« Last post by Jan on August 18, 2022, 10:29:51 pm »
Please let me allow to summarize your case, as I understand it:

For a specific time, you want to show a predefined text rather than the text generated by your broadcast automation.
After return from this condition, resume the last text, previously provided by the broadcast automation.

Is that true?
Bug Reports / Re: RT1 Artist - Song spacing
« Last post by Jan on August 18, 2022, 09:14:01 pm »
Thank you for that report. This is not a common behavior.

Please send us following information:

  • RDS encoder model
  • Tools - External Text Sources - Destinations - Send To - the text box content
  • Overview - Communication Monitor - the text content after sending a new Radiotext
Bug Reports / RT1 Artist - Song spacing
« Last post by dlake76 on August 18, 2022, 08:50:11 pm »
Everything is working great, EXCEPT, the Artist and song titles are missing the spaces in between the words. It's reading ChrisTomlin-TheRedLetters and it should be Chris Tomlin - The Red Letters.

In the "Recent Events" portion, it reads correctly.  But when I click "Read", it is missing the spaces.

Thoughts?  Thanks.
I have an instance of MagicRDS4 set up specifically to send Title & Artist info to my streaming provider ( It has to be stripped down to Title;Artist and sent just once or it goofs up our royalty reporting.
I have set up bridge WSKKbridge to receive info from playout system on VP1 UDP 10001 with the following Internal Channel Distribution info:
saveto file:"C:\Users\m\Documents\Shark-title-artist.txt" mode:"rewrite"
sendto "WSKK-DCS"
WSKK-DCS is setup as a bridge TCP client connecting to the streaming seed app on [internal IP]:TCP 5005
This works correctly as expected, sending new info as it changes.

My issue is that I want to update for special programs by using External Scheduler so I set up an event:
event days:"2" times:"11:02"   send connection:"WSKK-DCS" command:"Heard It On The Shark;Melinda"
And THAT works fine.

I expected MagicRDS to send the info from C:\Users\m\Documents\Shark-title-artist.txt when it was updated again, which happens as soon as the special program ends. But it just stays on the text sent from the Event Scheduler event.

So, I can "turn it on" for special programs, but can't "turn it off". (Closing that instance of MagicRDS4 and restarting it makes it revert to proper operation). Is there a command I can send via External Scheduler to WSKK-DCS at the expected end of the special program that will force revert to updating/sending on change of the Shark-title-artist.txt ?

That works!
Thank you!
  • Using the Output template, encapsulate the 'link' element into any unique substring.
    For example, if %1% is title and %2% is link:
  • Use the Text Replacing to test if the substring contains the keyword
    Change %REGEXP%<<.*programs.*>> to %GOTONEXT%
  • Remove the substring from final text
    Change %REGEXP%<<.*>> to (nothing)

Alternatively you may apply JavaScript to the same Output template, if further filtering or conditions are required.
How can I filter to skip a source if I found an expression or part of it in a specific xml element?
Im parsing a XML file wich have these nodes:


I want to write only the title but if the link contains the word "programs" then skip to next text source or write a custom text.
Is it possible?

PIRA32 RDS Encoder / Re: Pira32
« Last post by james k on August 09, 2022, 03:33:24 am »
that is default ps program service name [1017FM] but is there a difference between RT and RT plus
PIRA32 RDS Encoder / Re: Pira32
« Last post by james k on August 09, 2022, 03:26:35 am »
what shows up on radio is 101.7 FM but the title and atrist dont show on car radio
i would like to attach img but its not letting me
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