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FM Analyzers for Radio Stations

  • Popular handy FM analyzers in a new suit with improved functions
  • Cover FM broadcast band 76 to 108 MHz and baseband MPX
  • Measure FM modulation characteristics, MPX characteristics and analyze RDS content
  • Supplied control software for Windows brings many enhanced capabilities
  • Support also stand-alone operation
  • Direct sale to end users in all countries around the world

P275 FM Analyzer

P275 FM Analyzer Module

Compact FM analyzer designed for fixed installation as well as for daily work in the field. Durable laser machined aluminium case with internal steel frame, front panel is covered with acrylic glass.

USB and RS-232 connectivity, alarm outputs, headphones output.

Ideal for embedding into an enclosure or customer's product to add FM modulation measurement and RDS decoding functions.

Many assembly options are available for I/O connectors, LCD, buttons, spacers etc.

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P275R FM Monitor

This device extends the original P275's capabilities with two independent relays, driven by alarm outputs. Several options available for each relay. Total four alarm outputs are provided, with LED status indication for each output. The relay pins and the Alarm outputs are accessible via included terminal blocks.

The device is equipped with extra USB B-type socket.

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New model introduced: P275R FM Monitoring Receiver with Two Relays.

P275: Firmware version 2.2b r6 released.

SVG format support added to the FM Scope.

Latest FM Scope version: 1.6.3
Latest firmware version: 2.2b r6 (P275), 1.5 r2 (P75/P175)



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