P275E FM Monitor

The P275E extends the standard 275's capabilities with direct Ethernet communication and adds some other useful features. The aluminium case provides excellent shielding in strong RF signal environment. Optional attenuator extends the input power range up to 1W.

Main highlights

  • Built-in P275 FM Analyzer module
  • Built-in Lantronix XPORT Ethernet module
  • Switchable attenuator with remote control ability
  • Up to four digital outputs with remote control ability


Quick reference data

Power supply 5 V DC (2.1/5.5 mm)
Signal input BNC, 50 Ohms
Attenuator Switchable 0 or 20 dB
Device dimensions (max.) 144 x 105 x 37 mm
TCP ports available 1
Embedded website Yes, LAN setup only
Audio streaming No


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