The control software provides a possibility of data logging, automated control and remote control. Currently it supports only Windows operating system.


Download here: FM_Scope_Setup.exe (version 1.6.3, 5 MB)


Basic features
  • Graphical, text and MS Excel data output
  • Native script language, fully automated data logging
  • Built-in task scheduler, web server, SMTP and MySQL client
  • Supports TCP/IP remote control (no virtual COM port needed)
  • FTP upload feature, MP3 recorder, socket control
  • No additional costs - it's a freeware
How to start?

USB drivers (VCP) can be downloaded from the FTDI website.

Installation and use of the software is described in the pdf user manual.

For the TCP/IP remote control, you may also need to download the Pira CZ Remote COM Port or use any hardware based Ethernet-to-RS232 converter.

RDS Spy Radio Data System Decoder

  • Freeware RDS decoder for Windows
  • Plugin extensions - RDS group analysis, Radiotext logging, ...
  • Direct support for the FM Analyzer

The RDS Spy is included in the FM Scope installation package or can be downloaded separately from the RDS Spy website.

FM Guard

The FM Guard is a complex tool for FM station monitoring with P75, P175, P275 and P275R FM analyzer.


Download here: FM_Guard_Setup.exe (version 1.11, 3 MB)


FM Guard features
  • Supports monitoring of several stations at once using appropriate number of analyzers
  • Automated station's parameters monitoring and logging
  • User configurable alarm conditions, email alerts
  • Built-in graph engine
  • No need of learning any script language

See more details in the application user manual.


The FMIO.DLL is a dynamic-link library that enables easy access to the P75/P175/P275 FM analyzer from user application. The user does not need to solve how to access the communication port or how to handle I/O buffering in his application.


The DLL file: fmio.dll (version 1.7)
Complete package incl. documentation and example of use:

FMIO.DLL features
  • Basic and system (Connect, Disconnect, Version, )
  • Write control and query commands to the port
  • Read the values measured
  • Scope and FFT data
  • Support for multiple devices
  • Very simple to use


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