Author Topic: Magic 4 will not access pira4 via IP.  (Read 3456 times)


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Magic 4 will not access pira4 via IP.
« on: January 27, 2023, 10:41:39 pm »
We just bought a Pira 4 and we cannot access it via IP, ONLY USB.  A friend within Cumulus resorted to leaving a PC at his transmitter site, that he remotely accesses, to be able to work with Pira 4.  As for me, my laptop is on a an exciter box and I am sitting in front of an equipment rack.

I have the latest Pira firmware, Loaded 1/26/23 as well the latest software from your web site.   Are you aware of this ?  If so, If not, what would a time line look like to resolve this? I would like to NOT do a PC at my transmitters, and would like to work with the unit in the office....

Thanks much

Kevin Hawley
Chief Engineer
MacDonald Broadcasting
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Re: Magic 4 will not access pira4 via IP.
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2023, 11:07:26 pm »
I unfortunately have no idea what the "pira4" is. I'm also unable to find your name in our order database.

In general, any device equipped with Ethernet interface must be configured first before you can connect to it remotely. The product documentation should provide all details about how to establish first connection to the device. Without knowing more details about how far you have come in this regard, we're unable to help you. This forum is not a substitute for particular product's user manual or IP protocol reference.

You're reporting your issue as the Magic RDS 4 bug, but the information provided is insufficient for taking any action from our side. There's currently no known bug related to the TCP/IP connection establishing in our software or product. Thousands of radio stations connect remotely to their encoders.