Author Topic: MRDS192 - How to manipulate pin 4 (DTR) and 7 (CTS) to send RDS data  (Read 7671 times)


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I have some 32/64 bit software that I want to interface with your chips but I can only find the mrdsio.dll library in 32 bits. From other posts I understand you are not interested in making a 64 bit version which is fine so maybe instead you can share with us how you controlled pins 4&7 from windows using just the standard windows comm port functions. Or maybe even share the source code to mrdsio.dll


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Re: How to manipulate pin 4 (DTR) and 7 (CTS) to send RDS data
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2018, 09:45:23 am »
From 2010, all offered RDS chips support standard RS-232 serial communication which can be established from any OS without need of specialized DLL from us. Such DLL is no longer developed.

The mrdsio.dll uses 3rd party commercial communication components so I'm not able to give you a description how to access these pins in 64-bit Windows. Using such components seem to be necessary.