Author Topic: 4W PiRA PLL Transmitter with TSA5514 instead of TSA5511, possible? How?  (Read 5797 times)


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Hi guys,

I'am trying to get the famous PiRA 4 Watts PLL FM transmitter to work with an TSA5514, yes a tsa5514 and NOT a tsa5511.
Why? Because i have some tsa5514's (they are far more cheaper and original then the ones currently available in my country, not even mentioning the counterfeit tsa5511's and re-stamped from China/eBay/AliExpress etcetera) laying in my hobby- box and would very much like to use them in this transmitter.

Problem; however it doesn't seem to be working, no lock, no pll function at all. I assume -and they are pin compatible- that the tsa5514 uses another way of addressing, i.e. the initialisation has some other value then a tsa5511 i suppose (sorry, i'am a n00b in programming this i2c- stuff).

Question; Jan has supplied kindly enough an .asm source for the transmitter, but what do i have to change in this source so that eventually a tsa5514 will work correctly?
(Crystal frequency is 3.2MHz).

Please, Jan or some other genius from this forum, can you help me out -a bit- with this modification (or better, transgression from a TSA5511 to a TSA5514)?
(btw, the word "genius" is very positivly meant here, i'am dead serious).

Any help is very much appreciated.

Kind regards and thank you in advance,


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Re: 4W PiRA PLL Transmitter with TSA5514 instead of TSA5511, possible? How?
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2017, 11:15:28 pm »
If I remember right, the TSA5514 was incompatible for some reason. It's 10 years back so I'm really not sure. The datasheet says that it should work in the circuit.
These PLL IC's were often bad.