Author Topic: Request for "Alarm Activation" "seconds of silence" of Less Than 1 Second  (Read 3193 times)


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An internet radio station that I frequently monitor will sometimes enter a continual play/pause sequence.  The play/silence sequence is less than 1 second for each. 

Would it be possible to set the "seconds of silence" under "Alarm Activation" to less than the current 1 second minimum?  If so, I would be able to have a dos batch app, triggered by Piraside, then count occurrences of silence, followed by an automatic disconnect/reconnect after a short time.

I have tried manually changing the "Silence=" parameter in "piraside.ini" to "Silence=.5", but that did not work.  I would also leave the "Return from alarm condition" "If sound is present again for at least" at 0 seconds".

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you.


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I have the same request!

I am monitoring an audio stream that has a problem with silences between 0.95 and 1.05 seconds.
Therefore I would like to log al silences longer than 0.8 seconds.

Is it possible to change this setting to milliseconds instead of seconds?

Kind regards, Michiel