Author Topic: P175 as drive survey receiver!  (Read 5386 times)


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P175 as drive survey receiver!
« on: January 21, 2015, 04:44:21 pm »
Now I understand that the P175 is a modulation analyser, not a measurement receiver, nonetheless I thought it would be interesting to try using it for a drive survey.   It may not be wholly accurate, but easier and more accurate than manually writing 3bars, 4 bars in a log book or on a map!

I used a simple script (adapted from one of the example scripts) to record time, signal level, quality and AM noise with 1 second periodicity.  In parallel I used an app called "GPS Logger" on my Android mobile (the fastest it could work was about 1 position every 3 seconds).

Then a little bit of post processing on both data files in MS Excel and uploaded to Google Fusion tables which automatically geo-codes the data. After that used Fusion menus to put data into bins for display. (approx 10 minutes work).  I'm sure someone cleverer than me could produce a more integrated solution...?

Here is the result: