The P175 FM Broadcast Analyzer is a stand-alone low-cost solution for FM broadcast analysis. It provides complete FM modulation and basic AF spectrum measurements in standard FM radio band 87.5-108.0 MHz through the antenna input. Built-in LCD display and control interface allows to measure and collect data in terrain without need of any PC computer.
This kind of analyzer is an essential equipment for all FM radio stations to ensure compliance with basic technical broadcast standards and to accomplish the highest audio quality possible.

P175 FM Broadcast Analyzer

P175 FM Analyzer in Box




Latest events:

  • The P175 is currently sold out. A new revision will be available in October 2016. (24.8.2016)
  • New firmware & software version available - 1.5 rev. 2 (10.1.2015)
  • New firmware & software version available - 1.4 rev. 3 (6.6.2013)
  • FM Guard monitoring utility added (3.3.2012)
  • P175 in action:
Main highlights:
  • Designed for small FM stations
  • Stand-alone design, completely DSP based from IF to outputs
  • Compliant with CEPT/ERC REC 54-01 E
  • Dual-conversion receiver
  • Built-in LCD display, USB and RS-232 interface
  • Alarm outputs
  • Firmware updates for free
  • Easy to use
  • Overall frequency deviation incl. histogram
  • Modulation power
  • Baseband FFT
  • Pilot and RDS deviation
  • Pilot-to-RDS phase difference
  • FM carrier frequency difference
  • Stereo balance meter
  • RDS/RBDS decoder

The P175 mainboard.

Quick technical data:

Power supply 8-12 V DC or NiMH accu or USB
Antenna connector BNC, 50 Ohms
Frequency range 87.5-108.0 MHz
RF sensitivity (26 dB S/N) 4 uV
RF sensitivity (full measurements) 70 uV
Board dimensions 133 x 70 mm
Certification CE (EN 55013)

Find complete technical data in the pdf manual.

Did you know...?
  • If you adjust the modulation level using only your ears, the real frequency deviation can easily reach more than 30 % over the limit.
  • Overmodulation increases the FM band spectrum pollution and audio distortion. An inspection may fine for it by a considerable amount of money.
  • If you adjust the pilot tone level only using a rule of thumb, you may cause unavailing troubles to your listeners.
  • The P175 is one of the few FM analysis equipments on the world that allows direct measurement of pilot-to-RDS phase difference.
  • Not all commercially available audio limiters and other parts of the broadcast chain ensure no overmodulation and overshooting. You may believe and trust but the FM analyzer will show it exactly.


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