The control software provides a possibility of data logging, automated control and remote control. Currently it supports only Windows operating system.


Download here: FM_Scope_Setup.exe (version 1.5 rev. 20, 4 MB)


Basic features
  • Graphical, text and MS Excel data output
  • Native script language, fully automated data logging
  • Built-in task scheduler, web server, SMTP and MySQL client
  • Supports TCP/IP remote control (no virtual COM port needed)
  • FTP upload feature, MP3 recorder, socket control
  • No additional costs - it's a freeware
How to start?

USB drivers (VCP) can be downloaded from the FTDI website.

Installation and use of the software is described in the pdf user manual.

For the TCP/IP remote control, you may also need to download the Pira CZ Remote COM Port or use any hardware based Ethernet-to-RS232 converter.

FM Guard

The FM Guard is a complex tool for FM station monitoring with P75, P175 and P275 FM analyzer.


Download here: FM_Guard_Setup.exe (version 1.08, 2 MB)


FM Guard features
  • Supports monitoring of several stations at once using appropriate number of analyzers
  • Automated station's parameters monitoring and logging
  • User configurable alarm conditions, email alerts
  • Built-in graph engine
  • No need of learning any script language

See more details in the application user manual.


The FMIO.DLL is a dynamic-link library that enables easy access to the P75/P175/P275 FM analyzer from user application. The user does not need to solve how to access the communication port or how to handle I/O buffering in his application.


The DLL file: fmio.dll (version 1.7)
Complete package incl. documentation and example of use:

FMIO.DLL features
  • Basic and system (Connect, Disconnect, Version, )
  • Write control and query commands to the port
  • Read the values measured
  • Scope and FFT data
  • Support for multiple devices
  • Very simple to use

RDS Spy Radio Data System Decoder

  • Freeware RDS decoder for Windows
  • Plugin extensions - RDS group analysis, Radiotext logging, ...
  • Direct support for the FM Analyzer

Download from the RDS Spy website.


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