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Magic RDS 4 - Preliminary Information
« on: January 26, 2020, 01:40:17 pm »
The Magic RDS 4 is a new control software for all RDS encoders from our production. While adding new features to existing Magic RDS 3 we were faced with an increasing number of restrictions, so we decided to write the version 4 completely from a scratch. The work has begun in March 2019 and now we're finishing first official release.

New features compared to Magic RDS 3
  • Entirely new responsive GUI
  • Up to 128 independent connections to RDS encoders
  • Supports various RDS encoder models and brands
  • Automatic conversion between different communication protocols
  • Entirely redesigned Task scheduler
  • Updated External text tool
  • Integrated web interface and SNMP agent
  • Virtual ports, connection splitters and configurable data distribution feeds
  • Proprietary scripting language
  • Built-in RDS Spy decoder, available in a single click
  • Built-in full-featured software RDS encoder for demo and development purposes

RDS Encoders supported
  • PIRA32, P132, P164, P232, P232U, P332 and all 3rd party products
  • BW line (READBEST)
  • Demo encoder
  • MicroRDS / MRDS1322 and all 3rd party products (paid version only)
  • All UECP based RDS encoders (paid version only)
  • Deva/Inovonics (paid version only)

The Magic RDS 4 release

First pre-release version available soon for download. For notifications about new releases, please register and click on the Notify button in Release News board.



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Re: Magic RDS 4 - Preliminary Information
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2020, 09:14:06 pm »
The application is available for download at