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Posted by: Andrzej_RATM
« on: July 31, 2016, 12:31:57 am »

Hi! I want to show simple trick how send to the Magic RDS information about acctualy playing artists and title from SamBroadcaster (my version 4.9.1)

1. Create a folder sambroadcastertext in Magic RDS or other software to use RDS encoder
2. In the folder sambroadcastertext create two txt files with the names rdsps and rdstxt
3. In the folder C : \ Program Files \ SpacialAudio \ SAMBC \ samHTMLweb ( default for SamBroadcaster ) create two txt files named rdsps and rdstxt .
4. In the file rdsps include information $song.artist$ save and close
5. In the file rdstxt include information $song.artist$ - $song.title$ save and close
6. In the SamBroadcaster options select the tab configuration - HTML Output
7. Add the rule HTML Option output by selecting the type of input - the file
8. Show the path input - file rdsps the rule stored in the default SamBroadcaster`s directory and output rdsps directory Magic RDS
9. Similarly proceed from p.7 with the rdstxt file.
10. In both cases, the option deselect autosend FTP
11. Check the operation - information about the artist acctualy played must be show in the file rdsps and similary rdstxt must be show information about the artist and title in the Magic RDS folder, of course.

I hope that the information help us to configuration yours rds encoders ;)