P275 FM Analyzer

The P275 FM Broadcast Analyzer is a stand-alone low-cost solution for FM broadcast analysis. It provides FM modulation and MPX measurements in standard FM radio band 76.0-108.0 MHz through the antenna input. Built-in LCD display and control interface allows to measure and collect data in terrain without need of a PC computer.

This kind of analyzer is an essential equipment for all FM radio stations to ensure compliance with basic technical broadcast standards and to accomplish the highest audio quality possible.

This compact FM analyzer is designed for fixed installation as well as for daily work in the field. Durability and immunity is supported by laser machined aluminium case with internal steel frame. Front panel is covered with acrylic glass.

Main highlights

  • Stand-alone design, completely DSP based from IF to outputs
  • Frequency range 76 to 108 MHz (64 to 108 MHz with reduced sensitivity)
  • Accepts also baseband MPX/RDS
  • Compliant with CEPT/ERC REC 54-01 E and ITU-R SM.1268
  • Built-in LCD display, USB and RS-232 interface
  • Firmware updates for free
  • Easy to use

Measurements, indications and outputs

  • Overall frequency deviation incl. histogram
  • Modulation power (MPX power)
  • Baseband spectrum, RF carrier spectrum
  • Pilot deviation, RDS deviation
  • Pilot-to-RDS phase difference
  • FM carrier frequency offset
  • Reception quality and signal strength
  • Stereo balance meter
  • MPX peak to peak voltage
  • Headphones audio output
  • Alarm logic or general purpose outputs
  • RDS/RBDS decoder


Quick reference data

Power supply5 V DC or 2x AA NiMH cells
Signal inputBNC, 50 Ohms
RF sensitivity (26 dB S/N)4 uV
RF sensitivity (full measurements)  70 uV
Device dimensions (max.)144 x 105 x 37 mm
Device weight (w/o NiMH cells)0.4 kg netto
EMC standardsEN 61326-1, EN 55011
Shielding effectiveness at 100 MHz  90 dB (dipole vs. no antenna)


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