The RDS Net application allows to send text messages via ethernet to more than one device at a time. Especially this application was developed to control more PIRA32 RDS encoders via ethernet. A subtle system of command queues and statistics is provided.


Several inputs are provided: Socket TCP/IP, Command line and File. The RDS encoders can be connected using any ethernet to RS232 converter (hardware or software based). The converter must run in server mode. The RDS Net applications may be chained (outputs run in client mode).

Download (260 kB) - version 1.0b

Download the software and check its possibilities. Any comments are welcome!


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  1. Download the zip file and extract it to any folder.
  2. Open the rdsnet.txt file and read the instructions.
  3. Open the rdsnet.ini file and edit the configuration. Save the file.
  4. Run the rdsnet.exe application.

To link Magic RDS with the RDS Net:

In the RDS Net ini file enable the Socket input (set it to 1) and fill suitable port:

In the Magic RDS Preferences choose the TCP/IP option and set IP address of the RDS Net PC and corresponding port:

Close the Preferences window and you should see Connected in the status bar:

All settings will be saved automatically.

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