P332 RDS Encoder

The P332 RDS Encoder is the highest model in our offer. It is especially developed for regional and national stations but can suit for other stations as well. Depending on technical requirements, it may be used as an economical alternative to industry standard RDS encoders. Fully digital concept and uniquely effective design ensures high reliability, excellent signal characteristics and gives the user many advanced features while maintaining low acquisition costs. The encoder includes RS-232 port for direct connection to a serial data source, e.g. satellite receiver. Built-in Ethernet controller supports multiple TCP/UPD ports, internet functions and remote monitoring. The device is compatible with P132 and backward compatible with PIRA32.

  • Fully dynamic FM broadcast RDS encoder with up to four independent communication ports
  • Optically isolated RS-232 port
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Supports internet functions and remote monitoring
  • Control interface based on ASCII commands and UECP protocol on all ports
  • Excellent compatibility with broadcast automation systems
  • Built-in weekly scheduling
  • Text features include dynamic PS, parsing, scrolling, fixed messages, scheduling and reading from HTTP
  • Supports control from external PHP/ASP scripts
  • Control software includes powerful Windows GUI application
  • External TA and Program set switch, bypass relay, switchable MPX loopthrough mode (Loop/Side)
  • Internal real-time clock incl. update from internet
  • Easy and fast set-up
  • Firmware updates are free
RDS services directly supported by the unit
PI Program Identification M/S  Music/Speech
PS Program Service PIN Program-Item Number
PTY Program Type ECC  Extended Country Code
TP Traffic Program RT Radiotext
AF Alternative Frequencies    TDC Transparent Data Channels
TA Traffic Announcement IH In House Applications
PTYN  Program Type Name ODA Open Data Applications
DI Decoder Identification CT Clock-Time and Date
EON Enhanced Other Networks information   LIC Language Identification Code
RT+ Radiotext Plus TMC Traffic Message Channel

(The RDS services are described in Support)

Technical specifications
Supply voltage and current: 12 V DC stabilized, 340 mA
RDS/RBDS signal: conforms to CENELEC EN 50067 / EN 62106
Output level of RDS: adjustable from 0.0 to 4.0 V p-p in 256 steps
RDS signal bandwidth: +/- 2.4 kHz (50 dBc)
MPX leadthrough voltage gain: 1 (guaranteed from 2 Hz to 100 kHz)
19 kHz pilot PLL capture range:  +/- 4 Hz
Pilot tone level: min. 120 mV p-p
Phase shift adjust: full range in 9.5 degrees steps
Signal connectors: unbalanced, BNC
Data connectors: RS-232 9-pin male (DTE), Ethernet RJ-45
Other connectors and indicators:  TA and Program switch, front panel LCD, pilot and operation LED, Ethernet status LED
Network protocols: TCP, UDP, HTTP (server), HTTP (client), DHCP, DNS, SNTP, SNMP
Program sets: 2
UECP protocol support: Partial *
ASCII protocol support: Yes
Communication ports total: 4 ports (one RS-232, two TCP/UDP, one HTTP)
Case: Compact, 190x150x45 mm, gray ABS
Recommended power supply: Wall mount adapter 12V/1A DC, 2.1x5.5mm barrel plug (+) inside

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