Q: What payment methods are accepted?
You may choose any of these three payment methods:

  • PayPal - For everybody who has the PayPal account, payment is free of charges for the buyer
  • Credit card - The payment is processed through PayPal gate, you however don't need a PayPal account.
  • Bank transfer - You need a bank account with the possibility of international transactions. Order value 80.00 EUR or higher.

Important: Cheques and Western Union payments are not accepted.

All new customers are obliged to pay in advance their first order. Then it's possible to arrange individual payment conditions for companies.

Q: Do you ship world-wide?
Yes, we sell directly to any country around the world.

Q: Is there any minimum order value that I need to order?
There is no minimum order value for all buyers using the PayPal. Minimum order value in case of the bank transfer payment is 80.00 EUR (without shipping and VAT).

Q: How long does it take to send the package after I pay?
If all items selected are in stock, we dispatch the package usually in following three working days after we receive the payment or after we receive a scan/copy of the payment receipt. For orders outside the EU there may be an additional delay due to customs declaration required. The dispatchment is confirmed via email when the tracking number is known. For this reason it is recommended to turn off any aggressive SPAM filtering in your mailbox.
By default, an order that contains out of stock item(s) is kept in filing and complete package is dispatched when all items are available.

All shipments are insured against physical lost and damage.

Q: I need the goods quickly or in a specific day. Can you guarantee the delivery date?
Customer is fully responsible for the shipping method choice. We can guarantee the delivery date only for the UPS Express, upon a special request and our explicit confirmation. In all other cases the delivery times, if provided, are non-committal and only approximate.

Q: Is my item in stock?
If there is no availability remark specified in the shop or confirmation email, the item is in stock for usual quantities.

Q: Where to buy the Windows control software?
The control software is free for download! Follow the product details. Some product variants include the software also on a CD.

Q: What period of warranty is provided?
Warranty follows the lawful arrangements. Where not otherwise specified, minimum warranty period is 2 years. The warranty may be void if the equipment is not used in accordance with the operating instructions. In case of a lack of the equipment you can decide to let us either to replace or to let us mend. Due to relatively small number of claims we solve each event on individual basis. We can say we will never leave you in the lurch.

Q: Is power supply included?
Power supplies are available as optional accessories (most often with the European plug only). Please contact us if you want a help with suitable power supply selection on your local market or follow the product's documentation.

Q: Is it possible to buy a component or device which is not listed in the shop?
There is a possibility to buy or obtain any component contained in the devices listed if this is demonstrably intended for service or maintenance purposes. Send your request to the contact email or specify it in Comments field in the order form. Devices that are not listed (such as rf transistors, stereo encoders, limiters) are not available for sale.

Q: I want to resell your product. Can I get a special offer for my order?
Due to depletion of the production capacity we currently don't plan to expand our distribution network.

Q: Is it possible to issue a proforma invoice before the payment?
If your bank or company requires the proforma invoice, please specify it in the Note field in the order form.

Q: Can I send my order via email?
Preferred way how to order is to use the online shop provided. It also assures the fastest way of processing and offering the best prices, based on your order history. If you decide to request quote or order via email, don't forget to include all details necessary, especially: your name, company name, EU VAT number (if applicable), full address, country, shipping and payment method from the options listed above and exact identification of the goods ordered. We cannot accept any order or request where some of these details are missing or incomplete.

Q: Do I need to pay VAT?
All prices shown on our website are exclusive of VAT 21%. Orders to EU will be subject to VAT sales tax unless you provide your valid VAT number. If you are ordering goods for delivery outside the EU and the order value is greater than 80 EUR you will not be required to pay VAT but you may be subject to import duties and taxes levied by your local customs agency.

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