Vrana - Stožer, Bosnia

December 2004 - March 2005

Location name is "Vrana - Stožer " (that is name of montain h=1750m) near city of Bugojno, Bosnia
Object is used for GSM (BH Telecom) and there is 3 radio transmitters.Constructions height is 50m


Next photos shows montage of antennas for BM radio Zenica

praded5.jpg (22275 bytes)


Transmitter RVR 0.5 kW


Next photos shows winter ambience :)

praded2.jpg (96704 bytes)

praded4.jpg (47982 bytes)


Antennas in ice brrrrr....


This is way to the object :)


And this is done by strong and very fast wind :) It was second object for another GSM operator....