Lisac - Zenica, Bosnia

October 2005

97.5 MHz 0.5 kW* Radio Stari Grad
99.3 MHz 1 kW* Radio BM
100.7 MHz 0.3 kW* Radio Zenit
106.6 MHz 2 kW* Radio Zenica
107.2 MHz 100 W* Radio Naba
Ch. 12 100 W* BHT1
Ch. 39 80 W* FTV
Ch. 49 500 W * Pink BiH
Ch. 57 200 W* OBN

*- Power from transmitter, it is not ERP

Location name is "Lisac" (that is name of montain h=1300m) There are many TV and Radio transmitters and links devices. Olso there are repetition devices of many public services.

constructions h = 55m

praded1.jpg (53327 bytes)


microwave link and satellite antennas

praded5.jpg (22275 bytes)


FM Radio transmitter 1kW with link receiver and link transmitters to other locations of this station.

praded2.jpg (96704 bytes)


Two TV transmitters Hirschman 100W and Iskra 80W

praded4.jpg (47982 bytes)


TV transmitter 200W IMP


Look at the city of Zenica


Dog - housekeeper