BM Radio - Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

BM Radio Is independant radio station located in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Station is estabilished in 1997. with one local transmitter 200W. Now there is 6 radio transmitters located in Bosnia, and you can listen program as a real audio and mp3 straming on site

Radio frequences are
92.5 MHz
94.6 MHz
99.3 MHz
99.4 MHz
101.6 MHz
106.3 MHz


There are some photos from radio:

Main studio




Second Studio for audio montage and recordings


Central studio


Some photos from location where we have instaled our equipments:


inspecting of antennas system.....

Flange conector...


7/16 conector....


Sky is limit....


montaging 4 field antennas..


trnsmitter 0.5 kW