Author Topic: Files.dll plugin 0.91 works for Radio Gioconda's logo, but 0.99 not  (Read 157 times)

Andreas Mikula

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The following file (Radio Gioconda in Udine, Italy, one additional RDS2 carrier) works with files.dll plugin version 0.91, but — interestingly — not in 0.99.

As I have no clue about the RFT file implementation into the RDS2 standard, I wanted to ask you.

BTW: See screenshot, there might be a bug in RDSSpy, as there is an access violation.


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Radio Gioconda still uses experimental RPP data format which is no longer supported (it has been removed from the RDS2 standard before final release). The radio station must update the Magic RDS control software to current version and upload the logo again to their RDS encoder, to meet the RFT file transfer protocol specifications (2023).

I'm not getting the access violation while playing the spy file. If you find a way how to reproduce the error, I'll correct it. Anyway, this has no effect on the logo reception. You can delete the plugin version 0.91, the RPP is definitively over.