Author Topic: Save to file not working  (Read 2863 times)


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Save to file not working
« on: March 10, 2022, 06:33:41 pm »
I am running the latest version of Magic RDS. I have a bridge setup to receive my data from a remote site and have the command of saving the info to file only it isn't writing it to file. The data is coming thru as the logs and communication window show it, but it is not writing it to file. I have the same setup at another location that has worked flawlessly ever since I set it up. I have looked at Windows settings, antivirus settings and everything is ok there. Any ideas? :-[


Figures, as soon as I posted this I went back and looked at the command line and noticed that there was a space between the colon and the apostrophe, ie saveto file: " instead of saveto file:"
Never fails that the little details are the culprit! Sorry to bother!


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Re: Save to file not working
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2022, 07:18:52 pm »
The syntax is similar to the Windows batch files, the space is a delimiter for the parameters, so the spaces matter  :)

Maybe we will highlight that in the docs.