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Generate RT+ based on tags..


Magic RDS is a great software. It can now generate rt+ based on artist title separator but will be more reacher, in my point of view, if is it possible to generate RT+ based on tags sent it from automation software or from external sources like we do in xcmd.

Now text from external source or a simple line sent from automation software its not interpreted to generate RT+. It was very useful if it could be like item.title for example..
How about that?

This feature is planned for near future - to implement a custom defined table: xml tag ⇨ RT+ tag

That's awesome!

Another useful thing is in User defined rds encoder setup ability to define the ascii comand output to put another command before text and some commands after text!

And there's any character conversion to special characters if I send data directly from my radio automation software using an UDP or a TCP conection?
If I send data to a text file and read that file to send to RT conversion is made. If I send info directly for a UDP or TCP port its not. Do you know why?
Another form is read from file magic rds4 can decode that file but if I write resulted RT to a file it writes without char conversion..

Example: "história" appears like hist†ria


Thank you for your suggestions, they will be implemented soon.

Thank you so much.


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