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MagicRDS4 Task Scheduler - Trigger by date


3mFM Tech:
Task Scheduler currently allows Triggers using day Number (1=Monday) & a Time (In 24 clock syntax).
eg: event days:"12345" times:"06:00"

Would be great to be able to trigger on a specific date & perhaps also time? Say event date:"10-01-2022".
We have special programs running over holiday seasons & would like to be able to plan ahead to have them enabled & disabled by the scheduler.

Thanks, Rod

This feature is already available but it is still not covered well by the documentation.

For example:

event dates:"30.01.2022, 28.02.2022" times:"00:00"

As you can see, the date format is

You may combine other event parameters as you like:

event days:"1234567" dates:"..." daysOfMonth:"..." months:"..." years:"..." times:"..." minutesOfHour:"..."

3mFM Tech:
Perfect! Thankyou Jan


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