Author Topic: Magic RDS 4 "command not accepted"  (Read 3192 times)


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Magic RDS 4 "command not accepted"
« on: September 08, 2021, 05:27:12 pm »
Good morning everyone! I'm having an issue with Magic RDS 4 and my P132. I've set the software to pull information from an external source, which it is doing correctly. It is showing up in the activity log correctly every time the song changes. However, I also have it set to change the RT1 to that external source. When the song changes, it says  "Command not accepted: XCMD =<rds><item><dest>1</dest><text>   E   Radio   Network</text></item></rds>", and the RT1 does not update.

To me it looks like the "XCMD" portion of the beginning of the command is buggy, especially since those "" will move position around the "XCMD" characters, but there are no commands that I have set. This is all program default commands, so I'm wondering if this is an issue other people are having.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Re: Magic RDS 4 "command not accepted"
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2021, 06:50:38 pm »
Everything is OK, except the firmware version in your P132. Make sure your P132 has the firmware version which is mentioned in the Magic RDS 4 device specifications.

You may find the update here: (Latest firmware version)

The special characters come from the software protection and have no effect on the function.

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Re: Magic RDS 4 "command not accepted"
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2021, 07:21:39 pm »
Duh... That would make sense. Thank you! All fixed and working now.