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Tune to above 108.0 MHz


Is it possible to tune the device to above 108.0 MHz?

The oscillator allows to tune slightly over the 108.0 boundary. The maximum frequency depends on the device, temperature, power supply voltage etc. In my case it was about 112 MHz. You need to connect the unit to PC for initiate setup. Then you may recall the frequency any time, without the PC.

* Connect the unit to PC (no antenna connected)
* Tune it to the maximum frequency desired, using the command *F
For example (110 MHz):
110000*F in the terminal, or
send(110000*F) in the FM Scope text window
* In the device, select Menu - File - Save Data and select a free preset
* Now you can recall the frequency any time, using Menu - File - Load Data. You may also tune down using the button.


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