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10.7 MHz input


Is it possible to modify the P275 analyzer and feed it with a 10.7MHz modulated FM signal? It would be interesting for measuring signals outside the band 87.5-108 MHz.


There's a position on the board for pin header, marked as J16. This is effectively the 10.7 input @ 330 Ohms. For permanent use of this mode, the L12 coil should be removed from the board.

Please note that the device is optimized for FM broadcast (wide FM, bandwidth) so its ability to measure different services out of the FM band may be restricted.

Thank you Jan.
My intention is to use the P275 for measuring the deviation of the 10.7MHz output of a STL-Receiver on 2.4GHz.

If the 10.7 MHz signal is strong enough (> 1 mV), you may connect it directly to the standard RF input, while the unit is tuned down to 64 MHz.


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