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MP3 recording from sound card input (pira)


1. Save this code as .fms script:

--- Code: ---;User configurable parameters
; recfilename: Fill full path and file name, for example C:\recording\%date %time.mp3
;              The path must exist!
set(recfilename,C:\recording\%date %time.mp3)

;Script body
textwindow.addline(<%date %time> Recording to %recfilename)
--- End code ---

2. Configure the MP3 recorder (Options - MP3 Recorder...)

3. Configure the Task Scheduler (Options - Task Scheduler...)

For example, to start new recording file in each hour, fill following:

Open/Execute - type the script file from step 1 incl. full path
Times - select all days, insert times 00:00, 01:00, 02:00 ....... 23:00

You don't need the P275 device. Just any audio source.


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