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TA and RT information via RS232


Robert Sack:
Hello Jan,
I have another question: We Need to get the TA Information as well as the radiotext to get via RS232 for an external System.
Can you give me some hints how to start? Do I have to send a command to the unit or does These Information steadily come out? How can I decode it?
I already looked in the documentation  but at the Moment without success.
Thanks in advance!
Kind Regards,
Robert Sack

There are three options for getting this information.

1. ASCII command ?D

Type ?D into terminal and the unit will return all basic RDS data incl. TA and RT

2. ASCII command *R

Type *R into terminal and the unit will start to send RDS groups in real time in format


where AAAA is PI, BBBB, CCCC and DDDD are blocks B, C and D (hexadecimal) as defined in the RDS standard. The group rate is 11.4 groups per second. A simple software decoder is required to retrieve the TA and RT.

To stop the group stream, type *r

3. ASCII command ?h and ?a

Returns address content in HEX or ASCII format.

Syntax: (address),(length)?h
Syntax: (address),(length)?a

Example from the manual (return actual radiotext): 19C,040?a

To return TA, type 03E,002?h
the TA is represented by bit 5

See the manual - Annexes for commented memory map.


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