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Firmware / software update suggestions for P275


Hi all,

Just some suggestions for future updates - Will add more as they come to mind :)

P275 Firmware suggestions:

* Fix the noise on the demodulated stereo headphone output. The noise does reduce if you force to mono mode, but who wants
   to do that when you are monitoring a stereo signal.
* Enable the Audio V/U meter when forced to mono mode (currently, the V/U meter is disabled in Mono mode)
   I realize there wont be any difference in audio level between the two channels, but the V/U meter is there, so why not use it??

FM Scope Suggestions:

* On the Frequency Deviation Tab - When you hit the 'Reset' button, delete the current plot and restart (the reset button doesn't
   seem to do anything at the moment).

   Currently, the only way to clear the deviation plot is to tune the receiver to another frequency and then return to your
   original frequency. Not being able to reset/clear the plot is a problem for techs, if you are trying to adjust the transmitter
   deviation levels.


Hi Richard, these firmware fixes will be applied.

The Reset button in the FM Scope makes what it announces. It resets the internal deviation histogram buffers. Any time later, when you click on the Acquire button, you'll get the data representing time interval between the reset and now. Thus there's no need to tune to another frequency.

Would be fantastic if you could include SCA deviation level.

Setting up SCA deviation levels is extremely difficult :(


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