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Poor S/n on headphone audio output

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Hi guys,

Love the little P275 analyzer and it's Windows program.

The only thing I really don't like about the analyzer is the poor stereo audio quality from the headphone
output.  When the unit goes into stereo decode, the background hiss in the headphones is terrible.
And it doesn't matter how strong the off-air signal is, the hiss is always there.

Is there any way you can improve the S/n on the demodulated stereo output?

Thanks :)

In order to reduce the development time and meet the demand for such measuring equipment, there are many routines taken from the older device which are only slightly adapted and sometimes do not utilize all features of the new hardware. This is a temporary solution. We are working on a fully new MPX software component especially for this device.
The stereo decoder can be switched off in the menu. It is not required for common measurements.

Thanks Jan :)

I am sure this unit will be very popular (I note that it is sold out again already) and I look forward to future DSP and firmware updates.

Well done anyway :)


Are there any news about this?

Thank you

This work is already done, however we decided to put these improvements into a bigger package of updates, incl. the FM Scope control software. This caused some delay but I'm sure you'll like the result. A link for trying will be published here in a few days.


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