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Jens Pasgaard:
We are in the process of a complete network upgrade which requires all computers to be running Windows 10 Professional, 64 bit. We currently have 2 installations of Pira CZ Remote COM Port on separate Windows XP stations. It is a situation where we must ensure Pira CZ Remote COM Port runs without issue on the new network, we have no choice in the matter. Is Pira CZ Remote COM Port compatible with Windows 10 64bit as I noted a forum entry with a user saying there were issues.

If you could confirm if Pira CZ Remote COM Port is Windows 10 Professional 64 bit compatible/compliant or, if not, are you currently developing a new version.

I look forward to your response shortly.

Jens Pasgaard

This freeware utility is no longer developed (except fixes for reported bugs). Currently no issue is known to me with running under Win 10 but if you're looking for a guaranteed solution for your application with more features and higher security level, I would recommend to find a commercial (paid) or hardware based variant rather.

(The issues mentioned in the forum in past relate to the Virtual COM port from HW Group, this is another kind of software.)


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