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 :D hi i am going to make the stereo encoder and here is some pictures of the project thanks to Jan.Having 1 question i did not find the U7 - PIC18F1220-I/P  i tried to use PIC18F1320-I/P as it seems must work under the data sheet and its a bit pricy does it work or no ?

Still cant burn the hex into the pic i think the 2 pics are fakes one be aware.

I built a stereo encoder based on this project
However, I have a problem with channel separation, it doesn't want to be better than the 35dB channel separation. This is not a problem of the receiver as it has a separation of ~ 43 dB (measured on a professional generator). What could be the problem?

I am attaching the eagle drawing.

thanks in advance for your comments and help


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