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digital pira pll tuning help

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Hi folk dear Juan i need a help i made recently the digital pll board thats fantastic a big thanks but i need help connecting it to a tunable vfo 1w transmitter thanks schematic for transmitter that i need to connect is shown here .


please help me  :( :-[ :-\ :'( where are people ? knowldege

carlos manhique:

What you have show is part of SK1021/SK1031 SMARTKIT 20/30W VFO transmitters. They are NOT prepared to be part of  PLL system , unless you modify the oscillator.

carlos manhique can you help me in more deeply i have tried many things no succses

I'm afraid nobody can help you as nobody has tried this modification. Without trying and hours of experiments, no solution can be found. The RF electronic is not a connect and go job. The PLL has been originally designed for another transmitter with another voltage tuning sensitivity so I'm afraid it may not work at all. The PLL and the oscillator are usually one part. Combining of different circuits may be impossible.


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