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silence detector with live stream - and thanks!
« on: July 22, 2014, 01:22:56 pm »


One problem with web support forums is that most of the posts relate to people having problems or difficulties. This may give a negative impression of the software. I'm just posting to say that I've been using this software for several months now, and it's excellent.

We are using the silence detector on our main encoders, which supply our internet stream, and also send a stream to our transmitter site.

On the encoders, we run edcast, as a winamp plugin. We also run the line:// plugin, which is more flexible than the built-in one.

So the silence detector setup is very simple.

1. on silence at the audio input, instruct winamp to play a Mp3 playlist backup.m3u - and also email
2. on recovery, instruct Winamp to play live.m3u, where live.m3u is simply a playlist containing line:// - and also email

I had some difficulties initially - I can't remember whether they were due to the silence detector, or winamp, or the OS (originally, this was on XP, although now it's on Win7) - they related to having spaces in the filenames. Rather than spend ages experimenting with quotes and escapes, I just put all the playlist files in c:\silence\ - so no spaces to worry about!

Thanks for a really useful piece of software!