Author Topic: Saving MIME HTML reports (obsolete)  (Read 7626 times)


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Saving MIME HTML reports (obsolete)
« on: January 15, 2013, 09:28:32 pm »
MIME HTML (MHTML) is a web page archive format used to combine resources that are typically represented by external links (such as images) together with HTML code into a single file. This format is sometimes referred to as MHT, after the suffix .mht given to such files.

After you install the FM Scope application, the script file can be found in sub-folder 'usr'.

Script files:
_report.fms - MHT saving script
Save Complete Report.fms - example of use the MHT saving script

MHT files can be opened by MS Internet Explorer or Opera web browser. Firefox can open MHT files if appropriate add-on is installed. On other platforms a MHT file can be usually opened if you change its extension to .eml and open it in default email application (the MHT and EML formats are almost the same).

The script requirements:
  • FM Scope 1.4 or later
  • Windows XP or later