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Title: Nexgen config for Pira32 encoder
Post by: radiowavesokc on March 23, 2013, 04:25:45 am
Hi Jan.

We just bought a Nexgen system and would like to send title/artist information out via RDS.  Nexgen is set up to push data out via TCP to the encoder at the tower.  How would I go about setting up a Pira32 to where we could utilize data in this fashion?  I can port forward at the tower and there's a computer available at the tower.   Nexgen is already set up to push data out to the tower static IP on port TCP 5401.

Title: Re: Nexgen config for Pira32 encoder
Post by: Jan on March 23, 2013, 09:35:38 am
Download the Pira CZ Remote COM Port here: http://pira.cz/eng/piracom.htm
Run this software on the tower's PC. Select right ports and baudrate (must be equal to the baudrate set on PIRA32).

NexGen is well equipped with RDS features. Following method should apply:
1) Go to the Export Format(s) dialogue box and select Format: Standard and Output: TCP-IP.
2) Check the Remove Header box.
3) Enter the port number (equal to the port set in piracom) and IP address of the tower's PC.
4) In the Standard Format Settings field on Line 1 enter the Lead Text, for example RT1= if you want to show the artist and song information in Radiotext. Select Title from the Output Field.
5) On Line 2, leave the Lead Text blank but select Artist from the Output Field.
6) In the Field / Record Separators section, select Other Space from the Field Separator and for the Record Separator, select CR/LF.
7) Confirm by OK and restart the NexGen.

Now the NexGen should connect to the remote COM port application which will forward the song data to the PIRA32.

Alternatively you may use commercially available Ethernet-to-RS232 adapter, for example http://www.eztcp.it/
Title: Re: Nexgen config for Pira32 encoder
Post by: Patrick on June 28, 2014, 09:27:10 pm
Is it possible, with the commercially-available Ethernet to serial converter, to send tcp data directly out of the Rds encoder, out of Nexgen, without having to have your program up and running?  I am unclear to do this.
Title: Re: Nexgen config for Pira32 encoder
Post by: Jan on June 28, 2014, 10:10:02 pm
Yes, it's possible.
Title: Re: Nexgen config for Pira32 encoder
Post by: radiowavesokc on April 06, 2016, 12:22:37 am

What are the default Title and Artist specific commands to send to your box?  If not default, where do I change them?  I can change the output of Nexgen to nearly anything.....

The problem with ANY of this RDS stuff is that it's somewhat "fun" to try to interface.  I really, really wished there was a standard in place.

Title: Re: Nexgen config for Pira32 encoder
Post by: Jan on April 06, 2016, 01:26:05 pm
Not only the "title and artist" interface is the nightmare for FM broadcasters. Standards are missing also for kHz/Vpp modulation sensitivity of FM exciters (very big problem), file formats generated by broadcast automation systems or behaviour of receivers in various situations. Insufficient text features of original RDS result in terrible solutions like dynamic/scrolling PS whose function cannot be guaranteed in principle... Where standards are missing, the RDS encoder must be able to comply with various solutions of particular manufacturers. This extends the number of setting and adjusting elements. You're right, absolutely.

For placing the song info to Radiotext, configure the NexGen as follows:

The PIRA32/P164/P132/P232/P332 encoders support among others these commands for song info:

The text must be terminated by <CR> or <CR><LF>.

TEXT=Now playing XXX - YYY<CR><LF>

See more info in 'Technical manual', section 'Broadcast Automation System Link-up' or in 'P132 - Communication ports and internet function', section 'Frequently Asked Questions'.